Etzel Cardeña, profesor de psicología de la Universidad de Lund (Suecia) y Enrico Facco, profesor de neurociencias de la Universidad de Padova (Italia) recopilan en la publicación Frontiers Research Topics una serie de artículos previamente publicados en la revista Frontiers Journals Series con el nexo común de los estados alterados de consciencia.

El contenido que pretende recopilar los estudios de los investigadores más influyentes y los últimos hallazgos clave, puede descargarse de forma libre en su página web y contiene los siguientes artículos:


  • «A Call for an Open, Informed Study of all Aspects of Consciousness.» Etzel Cardeña
  • «Hypnotic Induction is Followed by State-Like Changes in the Organization of EEG Functional Connectivity in the Theta and Beta Frequency Bands in High- Hypnotically Susceptible Individuals.» Graham A. Jamieson and Adrian P. Burgess
  • «‘Reality’ of Near-Death-Experience Memories: Evidence From a Psychodynamic and Electrophysiological Integrated Study.» Arianna Palmieri, Vincenzo Calvo, Johann R. Kleinbub, Federica Meconi, Matteo Marangoni, Paolo Barilaro, Alice Broggio, Marco Sambin and Paola Sessa
  • «Near-Death Experiences in Non-Life-Threatening Events and Coma of Different Etiologies.» Vanessa Charland-Verville, Jean-Pierre Jourdan, Marie Thonnard, Didier Ledoux, Anne-Francoise Donneau, Etienne Quertemont and Steven Laureys
  • «Out-of-Body Experiences Associated with Seizures.» Bruce Greyson, Nathan B. Fountain, Lori L. Derr and Donna K. Broshek
  • «Near Death Experiences: A Multidisciplinary Hypothesis.» István Bókkon, Birendra N. Mallick and Jack A. Tuszynski
  • «Low and Then High Frequency Oscillations of Distinct Right Cortical Networks are Progressively Enhanced by Medium and LongTerm SatyanandaYoga Meditation Practice.» John Thomas, Graham Jamieson and Marc Cohen
  • «Nondirective Meditation Activates Default Mode Network and Areas Associated With Memory Retrieval and Emotional Processing.» Jian Xu, Alexandra Vik, Inge R. Groote, Jim Lagopoulos, Are Holen, Øyvind Ellingsen, Asta K. Håberg and Svend Davanger
  • «The Effects of Psilocybin and MDMA on Between-Network Resting State Functional Connectivity in Healthy Volunteers.» Leor Roseman, Robert Leech, Amanda Feilding, David J. Nutt and Robin L. Carhart-Harris
  • «Neurophysiological Correlates of Various Mental Perspectives.» Thilo Hinterberger, Milena Zlabinger and Klaus Blaser
  • «Predicting the Unpredictable: Critical Analysis and Practical Implications of Predictive Anticipatory Activity.» Julia A. Mossbridge, Patrizio Tressoldi, Jessica Utts, John A. Ives, Dean Radin and Wayne B. Jonas
  • «Retro-Priming, Priming, and Double Testing: Psi and Replication in a Test–Retest Design Thomas Rabeyron Anomalous Experiences, Psi and Functional Neuroimaging.» David J. Acunzo, Renaud Evrard and Thomas Rabeyron


Cardeña, E., & Facco, E. (2015). Non-Ordinary Mental Expressions. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience March 2015